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Tramontina 2-piece Fry Pan With Non-stick Silicone Grips

Tramontina fry pan with non-stick silicone grips - perfect for large-sized dishes.

Tramontina 2-piece Fry Pan With Non Stick Silicone Grips

Hi everyone, I'm tramontina and this is my professional blog post in the tramontina series. I'm a food critic so you know, and I love trying new food recipes. This week's dish is this amazing 2-piece fry pan with non stick silicone grips, and I love it. It's so easy to clean and I use it to fry up my food. if you're looking for a great cooking tool, this is it! Thanks, tramontina!

Tramontina 2 Piece Fry Pan

This pan is perfect for frying food. It has two pieces that are non-stick and easy to clean. It has aausable to fit into any kitchen. It is also easy to care for, simply clean with a soft toothbrush and oven cleaner. this tramontina fry pan has two pieces that are non-stick silicone grips on one side and a small hole to fit your food. The food on the other side can be easily removed with a clean spoon. The fry pan is easy to clean with just a few simple steps. thistramontina2-piece fry pan is perfect for your oven. It has non-stick silicone grips for easy removal and storage. The pan is also oven safe for when you want to use it on the stove. this tramontina 2-piece fry pan with non-stick silicone grips is perfect for oven dishwashing. It has a soft, comfortable grip and is easy to move around. The non-stick silicone grips make it easy to cooked food.